About Wrestling in Florida

SexyStarSuperFly_croppedWrestling in Florida is a labor of love.

Its founders are intentionally anonymous, two fight gym rats and PhDs that simply want to celebrate the great athletes and talents of independent professional wrestling the world over. This site, our friends, is for you.

After nearly twenty years and following a return to Tampa, Florida, we revisited watching pro wrestling. With a fresh set of eyes, Huracanrana and I fell in love with the passion, artistry, and kindness of a global, professional wrestling community that celebrates something truly special.

We have exceptional warm and fuzzies for regional/international promotions, and the hard work and dedication that keeps them running. We hope to meet all of these wonderful individuals. (Hence the seemingly random Twitter ‘follow’!)

Wrestling in Florida aims to be different.

There’s no ‘smark’ comments, no negativity, just content written for and by the individuals to and with whom we hope to make wrestling days a bit brighter. Feel like penning your thoughts? We’re always open to contributions.

Reach us at: wrestlinginflorida@gmail.com, @wrestle_fl, or a house show near you. Our 2016 interview can be heard here. We’re a bit quieter than usual with a new baby…but we’re both still here and look forward to hearing from you.

Much love,

The Intercontinental Belt, Huracanrana, and Baby Jerry.



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