FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: Jordan Myles and Wrestling In/Equality

This post isn’t here to defend or criticize Albert Christian Hardie, Jr., better known by his (past ‘ACH’ and/or) current moniker ‘Jordan Myles.’ Nor is to debate potential/actual offense (intended or otherwise) by the now infamous shirt depicted with this article. Rather, its purpose is to highlight a problematic reality of professional wrestling: Professional wrestling […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: Are You Living a Caffeine Reliant Lifestyle?

It’s time for an intervention moment, brought to you by angry looking gym equipment. If you’re finding yourself incredibly aggravated at the gym by stupidity of others, craving consumption of large quantities of animal meat post-workout, bridging fitness sessions with sugar free energy drinks, and sleeping horribly at night…you’re living a caffeinated life. Don’t get […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: Fighting the Good Fight While Fighting Illness

One of the greatest dilemmas any committed athlete faces is what to do when the always unwanted cold or flu bug takes hold. We all know that feeling well: the excessive soreness during what is typically a challenging but not stressful cardio routine. The unusual sweat odor after a barbell set. Then the dreaded tickly […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: When Life Intervenes with Wrestling

As ‘From the Locker Room’ is dedicated to discussing physical wellbeing, it’s arguably appropriate this section captures these sentiments. Specifically, making sense of the pre- and post-climate of the 2016 United States Presidential Election. Most importantly for this site, its impact on the wrestling community and its fans. In doing so, I want to perfectly clear: […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: The Trials of the Traveling Amateur Athlete

Taking some time off or a vacation (or even a stay-cation or work-cation) is something I’ve only recently learned to do in my life.  Earlier in my career, I would hoard sick days in the hopes of a vacation or trip away that would never come.  The best I would get was a day off […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: What is in your Protein and Pre-Work Out Powders and Shakes?

While it is universally acknowledged that one of the keys to getting a better work out and staying healthy is to increase your protein intake, not all protein supplements are created equal.  In fact the concept of even starting with a supplement seems flawed.  Protein is a naturally occurring substance that can be acquired readily […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: Surround Yourself with Like Minds – The Head Nod of Recognition

Ironically enough, it’s not diet, fitness routine, and/or injury the hardest obstacle to staying of sound body. Rather, it’s staying the course in a healthy lifestyle often fraught with individuals and/or influences seemingly eager to derail the health train at every junction. To explain, the biggest realization and simultaneous sadness of making fitness THE #1 […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: Five Good Recovery Workouts When You Don’t Want to Work Out

Editor’s note: ‘From the Locker Room’ is a new feature on ‘Wrestling in Florida’ dedicated to topics affiliated with independent wrestling, ones focused on lifestyle/training/sister nuances of the sport. Akin to ‘What Pro Wrestling Means to Me,’ submissions are always welcome from members of the community (to include athletes, talents and promotions). If there’s a […]