WRESTLING 101: The (Anti-) Social Media World of Pro Wrestling

Arguably no professional sport allows for the extensive interaction between athletes and its fans than pro wrestling. Even more so in independent wrestling, where fan loyalty can be the singular determination between promotion survival and disappearance. This becomes evident in the aforementioned merchandise table, where fans are encouraged to interact – via dollars, handshakes, and […]

WRESTLING 101: Clotheslines and More Clotheslines

To this fan, there is perhaps no better move in all of professional wrestling than the sacred clothesline. It’s no wonder this seemingly simple, forearm under the chin maneuver is the move of choice for hot tag guys and gals. JBL certainly knew what he was doing! Blessed with an array of live promotions here […]

WRESTLING 101: Kendo Stick Q&A

Chairs: I get it. Tables: why not?. Brass Knuckles: it’s a pugilist’s right hand (or left, if southpaw), literally. Garbage cans? They’re logically at ringside reach, so that makes sense, as well. Everyone loves a tidy venue. Ladders? The means to one of the best match formats available. Kendo stick/Singapore cane? Wikipedia tells me the […]