FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: What is in your Protein and Pre-Work Out Powders and Shakes?

While it is universally acknowledged that one of the keys to getting a better work out and staying healthy is to increase your protein intake, not all protein supplements are created equal.  In fact the concept of even starting with a supplement seems flawed.  Protein is a naturally occurring substance that can be acquired readily […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: Surround Yourself with Like Minds – The Head Nod of Recognition

Ironically enough, it’s not diet, fitness routine, and/or injury the hardest obstacle to staying of sound body. Rather, it’s staying the course in a healthy lifestyle often fraught with individuals and/or influences seemingly eager to derail the health train at every junction. To explain, the biggest realization and simultaneous sadness of making fitness THE #1 […]