WRESTLING 101: Bring Back the Ring Gear!

  Many eons ago – and as a child – I fell in love with 1980’s wrestling. The pageantry, the characters, the story behind the story pro wrestling was willing to tell in the ring. When Sgt. Slaughter donned Iraqi garb against the ‘Real American’ Hulkster, my emotions ran wild. The cognitive dissonance was simply […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: When Life Intervenes with Wrestling

As ‘From the Locker Room’ is dedicated to discussing physical wellbeing, it’s arguably appropriate this section captures these sentiments. Specifically, making sense of the pre- and post-climate of the 2016 United States Presidential Election. Most importantly for this site, its impact on the wrestling community and its fans. In doing so, I want to perfectly clear: […]

SPOTLIGHTS: An Open Letter-slash-Plea to Professional Wrestlers

Since Hurancanrana and I returned to professional wrestling a year ago, it’s certainly been an interesting ride. We re-discovered WWE and its terrific developmental house shows, uncovered an outstanding Shine women’s wrestling community, became immersed in live FIP and ACW events, and found tremendous joy in the Ring of Honor experience. Along the way – […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Why ‘The Sheik’ is a Must-See for Any Indy Wrestling Jabroni

For nearly all reading this site, professional wrestling has a warm spot in his/her heart. It’s the sophisticated simplicity of an art form: a beautiful brawl…one at a maestro’s pace, to captivate viewers at crescendo moments. There’s no greater ovation to its prized conductors than a thunderous “this is awesome” from house show faithful. This […]