FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: What is in your Protein and Pre-Work Out Powders and Shakes?

While it is universally acknowledged that one of the keys to getting a better work out and staying healthy is to increase your protein intake, not all protein supplements are created equal.  In fact the concept of even starting with a supplement seems flawed.  Protein is a naturally occurring substance that can be acquired readily […]

FROM THE LOCKER ROOM: Five Good Recovery Workouts When You Don’t Want to Work Out

Editor’s note: ‘From the Locker Room’ is a new feature on ‘Wrestling in Florida’ dedicated to topics affiliated with independent wrestling, ones focused on lifestyle/training/sister nuances of the sport. Akin to ‘What Pro Wrestling Means to Me,’ submissions are always welcome from members of the community (to include athletes, talents and promotions). If there’s a […]