SPOTLIGHTS: Where Have All the Managers Gone?

As I introduced Huracanrana to a childhood fave in Greg Valentine, something peculiar occurred to me: what the heck happened to all the great managers in professional wrestling? Sure, there are the occasional valets, but when’s the last time a truly great manager…other than perhaps Truth Martini…was expected to play a prominent role in every […]

SPOTLIGHTS: The Indy Wrestling FAN Road Diaries

Vacation planning for Hurancanrana and I contains four distinct elements: Locate a weekend, higher tier (eg PPV) pro wrestling event to attend, in A fun…ideally new to us…but not-so-distant city. Also, ID a terrific fight gym to get some work in (check out Jesse James Leija’s place in San Antonio!), Find a hotel sporting nearby […]

WRESTLING 101: We Need More Managers

One of my favorite aspects of the independent wrestling scene is its abundance of managers. Unlike the WWE and like, bigger promotions, indy wrestling relies heavily on these managers (usually former wrestlers and current trainers) to cut impromptu promos, interact with the fans, and – of course – turn the tide in favor of their […]