SPOTLIGHTS: Dollars and Nonsense – The Financial Realities of Pro Wrestling

Despite what the most dedicated fan may conclude, not a single member of the pro wrestling community is in it for the money or lifestyle. For the hundreds of individuals within this community we’re blessed to communicate with on a weekly basis, nary a one seemingly possesses any delusions of grandeur. This, however, points to […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Talent Misidentification – Re-thinking the Brass Ring

Watching our favorite indy wrestling talent pursue their dreams is why this site exists. It’s a safe, non-smark forum for everyone involved in this global community to voice their passions. Nary a week goes by when one of these individuals doesn’t crack an NXT show, secure a spot in Evolve, appear at a Ring Honor […]

WRESTLING 101: From the Outside Looking In – The Indy Wrestling Superstar Dilemma

As I watch independent wrestling rock star Rich Swann dropping jaws at FIP, Evolve and PWG, respectively, I am left with a nagging question. In the past, this question would be ludicrous. Except the rules have changed. To explain, Swann – even at 24 – is already one of world’s elite independent wrestlers, a master […]

LIVE EVENTS: Fan etiquette – The perfect prescription?

At a recent (and terrific!) Evolve show in Ybor City, I heard a couple of very enthusiastic fans behind huricanrana and I self-justify their very loud chants to “make the [WWN] pay per view seem interesting.” Those guys definitely have a point, as – having watched many a taped show filmed at a small venue […]