91-ejmboI had the very good fortune to be able to attend this event on July 3rd in Ybor City; thanks to the very friendly people at the WWN Live website. My husband had tried to order a gift for me and after the item was out of stock the web manager gave us free tickets to this event.

The results are as follows:

Singles Match
Kahagas (w/Dontay Brown) defeated Blake Edward Belakus. This was a lot of fun this match featuring the wonderful big hoss Kahagas and lots of body slams.

Singles Match
Johnny Vandal (w/Trina Michaels) defeated Bolt Brady. Wow is all I can say about Bolt Brady, what an amazing young talented wrestler; high flyer with all the right baby face moves. Vandal was quite a lot of fun as well with a really creepy submissive slave introduction. Note very child friendly but definitely adult oriented fun.

Tag Team Match
The Hooligans (Devin Cutter & Mason Cutter) defeated The MSL Universe (Josh Hess & Deimos) (w/Mister Saint Laurent). The Hooligans are simply an incredible tag team amazing to see the combo moves of these very large barrel chested guys. Mister Saint Laurent is of course a lot of fun as a manager/valet, in between his legal battles with Axel Rose, it’s great to see this strange legend of the ring in action.

Singles Match
Mason Ryan (w/Mister Saint Laurent) defeated Moose. I’ve seen Moose so many times on TV; that its easy to under appreciate his skills. He really has quite the amazing summersault and drop kick. But overall, Mason was the quite the revelation for me…I’m not really familiar with this wrestler but need to go check out his work now!

Singles Match
Monster Tarver (w/Mister Saint Laurent) defeated Rhett Giddins. Monster Tarver was really incredible telling quite an amazing and highly emotional story with his wrestling skills of the veteran trying to teach the young upstart, who doesn’t know what he’s getting into. This was a brutal and bloody match that left me feeling emotional. For me this was one of those rare moments watching wrestling where you can almost forget that this isn’t real and that the wrestlers aren’t talking about your own personal pain. Anyway, this one gave me the chills and looking around at the crowd I think people even stopped their relentless texting and picture snapping for a short period of time. Now that’s suspension of disbelief.

Triple Threat Match
Chris Hero defeated Gary Jay and Martin Stone (w/Mister Saint Laurent). The lovable and amazingly talented Chris Hero made a surprise appearance and yes “he’s still got it!” Many well timed axe-kicks later and Gary Jay was left defeated.

Ladder Match For The FIP Florida Heritage Championship
Maxwell Chicago (c) defeated Aaron Epic. Okay this was my first introduction to Maxwell Chicago and he is the heir apparent to Colt Cabana ; someone that really gets the comedy and fun of wrestling and how to work a crowd into a story. I think I had to give up my chair no less than three times during this match and it was well worth it.

FIP Tag Team Championships Match
The Savages (Eddie Graves & Teddy Stigma) (w/Trina Michaels) (c) defeated Aaron Solo & Jason Cade. A lot of fun, this featured flying bodies into poles and lots of well times high flying action. Jason Cade really stood out to me as quite incredible with some amazing grappling and transitions that seemed to be occurring at triple speed! I think it was the sunset flip to the arm bar and then the triangle…or was it the other way around?! It was too fast for my tired eyes!

FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match
Caleb Konley (w/So Cal Val) defeated Rich Swann to become the new Champion. Finally, the title match of the night was awesome! And I am not ashamed to say that I love So Cal Val; I wish everyone could see this woman work! Rich Swann and the new champ are both truly amazing and put on a 30 minute epic grinder going up on the stage behind the crowd and utilizing the whole domain. Of course cheating and mayhem ensued. Su Yong came in at the end to try to save her man from a brutal beating but was mostly too late : (

For added fun lots of nice wrestlers walking around casually chatting up the crowd. Got to talk to Roderick Strong and Chris Hero both incredibly nice easy to talk to people. Adam Cole and Jay Lethal were hanging around as well; but I didn’t stay long enough to get to talk to them, as it was going on 1 am at that point and they were pretty well surrounded by adoring fans with endless selfie requests.

In conclusion, FIP; what a great show. If you can ever make it to the humble little Orpheum in Ybor City you will definitely get your money’s worth. I honestly can’t believe they only charge $15 dollars for this!

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