With last night hopefully signaling big changes to the previously static WWE Divas division, I feel like  a genius writing about my favorite independent wrestler: Sarah Bridges aka Crazy Mary Dobson. While women’s wrestling is stacked with talent; let’s appreciate a young wrestler who is truly unique in the complexity of her move set, background and character.

I first saw the ‘hard core queen’ at Shine 27 where she impressed the audience with her technical skill including several killer unexpected transitions and reversals to  the team of Valifornia: Andrea and Jyme Jameson.  Dobson, who is only 21 years old, more than held her own with the experienced Valifornia; hitting a stunning tornado DDT off the top rope into a half crab reversal. While she and her partner took the loss, they definitely won me over with their surprising tag team chemistry and combo moves. Watching this match, I had no idea that Dobson was best known for her blood and gore in several classic Death Matches.

Dig into the internet just a little bit, and you will see Dobson’s name everywhere tied to hardcore death matches involving breathtaking falls from balconies and light tubes to the face.  Dobson, who is trained by Mad Man Pondo, has wrestled in more blood stained feuds than should be humanely possibly.  She attributes this to her love of classic horror movies and desire to push her physical limits.  This has led to gigs for companies not often associated with their female talent including, CZW and AIW, along with the likes of Shine, Shimmer and Diana.

Yet Dobson is more than just brawling and blood, she is a fantastic athlete able to transcend the hardcore genre and go back and forth between multiple styles. Dobson has honed her talent all over the world wrestling in Japan and throughout Europe and even appearing on a Full Sail episode of NXT against Becky Lynch.

Combine technical skill and reckless abandonment and you have: Crazy Mary Dobson.  She is a complete standout on the independent scene whether taking a loss or a staple to her head, wrestling inter-gender or tag team; she steals the show. Her gimmick, like her wrestling is polished yet strangely unpredictable, making her a refreshing change on the women’s scene.   Simply put: we all need some Crazy Mary in our lives; a lot of technique, a dash of brutality and an ounce of hell fire.  Watch out Divas, Crazy Mary is going to kill you!

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