lucha-libre-aaa-noviembre-juan-barrera-2For the life of me, I can’t begin to fathom the unwritten, but steadfast code on women in professional wrestling. Thankfully promotions like Shine and Shimmer defy this code…out of roster necessity**…but only to an extent.
The Ten Commandments of Women in Pro Wrestling:
Rule 1: A male manager/wrestler cannot knowingly strike a female manager/wrestler.
Rule 2: A female manager/wrestler can slap a male manager/wrestler. If another woman is involved with the match, the male can strike back…but only in a mirror strike.
Rule 3: A female wrestler can strike another female wrestler with a full repertoire of moves…if they are facing each other within a match. Groin/chest shots should never occur.
Rule 4: A female wrestler cannot directly strike a female manager with a wrestling move.
Rule 5: A female manager can attack a female wrestler…but not with strikes.

Here’s where it gets complicated:
Rule 6: A male wrestler can strike a female wrestler by using a ring implement.
Rule 7: A male wrestler can unintentionally strike a female wrestler/manager via a secondary object acting as a conduit. It is encouraged for another female wrestler/manager to act as said conduit.
Rule 8: In mixed gender matches, a male wrestler must exit the ring upon entrance of an opposing female. Rules 1-7 subsequently apply.
Rule 9: In mixed gender matches, a female manager can strike an opposing male manager, but only if he is in costume, a midget/dwarf, and/or a combination of the two.
**Rule 10: Rules 1-9 do not apply to Sexy Star or Ivelisse.


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