Love it, hate it, Columbus or no Columbus, there’s many things to be pro wrestling thankful for this upcoming Thanksgiving.

For us here at WrestlingInFlorida.com, here’s (20)16 things what we’re thankful for:

  1. Another year! WordPress just reminded us it’s time to renew our Premium Membership. Meaning, it’s been 365 days of gathering 1000+ followers on Twitters, 500+ views on stories, and wonderful feedback from friends the world over. We’re thankful for how many this site has reached.
  2. Friends along the way: to our WWN, IndyKast, FIP, ROH, Shine and other buddies, thank you for crossing that great divide and welcoming us into your world. Thrilled to declare this community our home.
  3. Crossing borders: ‘Florida’ by name only…and we love it. So happy to literally help bring friends (ie Adam Brooks) from abroad to Central Florida, likewise cross states to find new friends and promotions.
  4. Lucha Revival: While still considered niche to most, the Lucha Libre renaissance of 2016 brought so much joy to Cruiserweights and beyond. Kudos to all the wonderful athletes and promotions who made this genre mainstream.
  5. Staying the Course: Promises of prime time riches tore some local promotions apart…and I’m grateful prodigal sons and daughters returned to their roots and fans’ welcome arms. It could’ve gone horribly awry, and didn’t.
  6. NJPW: 2016 will be known as the year NJPW infiltrated almost every mainstream promotion in North America and for the better. ‘Strong Style’ is no longer a genre, now an appreciation shared by millions.
  7. NSFW: 2015 brought kiddie embrace at nausea, the following a recognizance of all fans before it was too late. Writing isn’t perfect, but it’s thankfully no longer bordering on Saturday Morning Cartoons.
  8. Dusty Rhodes: with his passing came an embrace of why we all love wrestling. He wasn’t pretty, flashy, but was the star we always wanted. God bless you, and rest in peace, American Dream.
  9. Health: A wellness policies may be hypocritical, but lawsuits and high profile attention to athlete and talent safety was long overdue. There’s still work to be done, but we all took big strides this calendar year.
  10. A Semi-level Playing Field: The titled women’s revolution fell short in North America, but it thankfully begun a long race to deserved equal booking and prominence. The rise of Shine, also TNA and Lucha Underground female talent serve as proof.
  11. The Hardy’s: Out of the turmoil of Carter-Corgan dramas arose a renaissance of perhaps the greatest kayfabe of the last decade. Thank you to all of the Hardy’s for serving as the Phoenix from uncertain ashes.
  12. Pro Wrestling Tees: Colt Cabana blew up the merchandising rules, and the industry is better for it. Finally, the community has a chance to handshake with its fans where all win.
  13. Streaming Services: Be it WWE Network, ROH on Demand, and now FloSlam, PPV events were never so affordable and accessible. Loyal fans should be thanked not gauged, and now this a reality.
  14. Kevin Owens: Perhaps no athlete epitomizes the anti-stereotype, and he single handedly redefined expectations of indy wrestling veterans, body type, promos, and what a ‘champion’ should be.
  15. Huracanrana: Few are as fortunate to have a better half equal…if not more!…in love with this wonderful community. Seeing her Cheshire cat grin at live events is the greatest gift of all.
  16. YOU: Thank you for reading and supporting this site. We do this anonymously and in hopes readers and contributors find it meaningful. Thank you for clicking on us!

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