ss15_photo_307-4126421552-1475417259-800Friends, Roman’s (, Rollins), and Countrymen, welcome to Orlando!

Checking the schedule of events for Wrestlemania Week makes 2017 arguably the most stacked roster (93 events) to date! I would go so far as to state that even those ignoring the Big Show…well, the ‘Big Show’…will find 2017 the year that independent wrestling is perhaps front and center.

Ring of Honor brought the Hardy’s and an AAA roster to Lakeland (just up the road from Orlando). WWN’s Evolve, Chikara, Shimmer and others combine to offer an incredibly diverse amount of options and talent that literally span the globe. Last and of course, NXT will be bringing one of its terrific PPVs along for the ride on Saturday night. Sportskeeda has the complete rundown here.

For those new or mainstays at Wrestlemania Week: be safe, remember to have fun(!), and embrace the one week a year where your passion and/or profession is front and center. Let the world know the industry is comprised of awesome talent and fans, role models for other types of live entertainment. We’re especially proud of our smaller, indy promotion talent and refs, likewise merchandise companies now on the big stage.

Personally, we’re excited to catch our first Wrestlemania in person, combined with attending Saturday’s night’s Chikara show (likewise our first time catching this promotion). Hope to see you there!

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