We’ve been quiet on this site for some time for several reasons, most of which a product of COVID-19. Not the virus, rather the 24/7, omnipresent fear mongering, negativity, hate posing as political, and sense of overwhelming entitlement from those wealthy enough to insist strapping masks on 3 year olds doesn’t cause longer term psychological damage. Here we are again fearing household goods shortages from uncertainty stemming from a rightly contested election.

By ‘rightly,’ I’m not referring to who one voted for, rather the extraordinarily alarming but now commonplace censorship this election ushered in. No – and once more: this isn’t a political issue. We don’t give two hoots about your damn electoral college delegates.

Rather, now all content providers – this platform included – are eliminating outlets and individual expression that they deem unfit. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this post produces a warning letter or worse. So be it. We’ll go elsewhere where those who print paper do not determine what is written on it.

The wrestling community watched its arenas emptied, its indy athletes and talent deprived of a vast majority of its revenue. Yet they screamed all over social media about social responsibility and justice…while cities burned, suicides skyrocketed, and dissenting voices silenced. Anyone who dared question the chaos were mass spam bot attacked into submission then ultimately platform dismissed.

The hypocrisy of independent wrestling to side with those who seek to silence others runs parallel to everyone and everything that allowed this community to survive for so long. The love-hate relationship between WWE and indy wrestling was a symbiotic shark to remora fish marriage. As we sit on the cusp of the greatest censorship initiative since the American Revolution, anyone who demands otherwise is a Trump obsessive, a sexist, elitist, racist, homophobe, all of the above or worse. I believe in humanity, and that anyone reading this site is none of these.

I repeat for the third time: this is not about politics, rather the world we want and deserve. If independent wrestling believes there will be fans gloriously celebrating their return, they are in for a rude awakening. Fact: we were told to lay silent and alone, accept censorship, and give up any/all forms of entertainment and pastimes not deemed ‘essential.’ Its fans listened to the indy wrestling community celebrate biting off its hands to spite its face.

The seeming ‘woke’ among us – a code word for unabashed, reckless disdain for those who disagree – do not care for who you are, your wants/needs, or about humanity writ large. I’ve read so many of these associate’s degree geniuses espouse “everything is about politics,” when their lack of perspective question.

No, dummies: you have it in reverse: politics is about everything. Everything we hold dear is being hidden behind political walls and shields that fake embody voices and thoughts. They will censor and remove everything until you are hopeless. And so many make get rich, so many others perish, while this occurs.

Take back your voice. Do not let your politics determine your voice and/or volume. If this our last post, at least we were able to say it.

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