WRESTLING 101: The Top 10 Pro Wrestling Wish List for 2016

Ho, ho, ho-t tag, good friends! It’s that time of year…one of friendship, family, and beautifully executed head scissors. Tweener or heel, we believe every great pro wrestling athlete or talent deserves a holiday treat. Thus – and without further ado – Wrestling in Florida’s 2016 Pro Wrestling Wish List. Give veteran wrestlers proper due. […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Talent Misidentification – Re-thinking the Brass Ring

Watching our favorite indy wrestling talent pursue their dreams is why this site exists. It’s a safe, non-smark forum for everyone involved in this global community to voice their passions. Nary a week goes by when one of these individuals doesn’t crack an NXT show, secure a spot in Evolve, appear at a Ring Honor […]

LIVE EVENTS: What to Do…When Things Go Wrong

John Cena broken nose aside, it’s rare that television viewers see the bumps, bruises and blood of professional wrestling events. For televised larger events, select editing plus camera work combines to almost remove said injury from the equation. Decent kayfabe ensures the fourth wall stays that way, in tandem. For smaller, televised contests, there’s simply […]