SPOTLIGHTS: The Tyranny of Distance: Indy Wrestling and the Baby Battle

Seven months and counting. That’s when our little Cruiserweight, baby Jerry, came on the scene. As anyone who’s done it knows, chasing around an infant is surprisingly time consuming for something that really can’t move all that much the first few months. Throw in serious weight and health issues, daycare illnesses galore, a hurricane evacuation, […]

LIVE EVENTS: Re-Appreciating Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s ‘Battle of Los Angeles’

Re-invigorated by a terrific Shine Wrestling 42, Huracanrana and I found ourselves revisiting our proud and always growing collection of independent wrestling DVD/BluRays. That monthly PayPal statement; ouch! To us, there’s arguably no live experience more invigorating than indy wrestling, mainly closeness to action and symbiosis between performer and observer. There’s something truly intoxicating in knowing […]

WRESTLING 101: The Top 10 Pro Wrestling Wish List for 2016

Ho, ho, ho-t tag, good friends! It’s that time of year…one of friendship, family, and beautifully executed head scissors. Tweener or heel, we believe every great pro wrestling athlete or talent deserves a holiday treat. Thus – and without further ado – Wrestling in Florida’s 2016 Pro Wrestling Wish List. Give veteran wrestlers proper due. […]