23172371_485377061838861_7820212194921396294_nSeven months and counting.

That’s when our little Cruiserweight, baby Jerry, came on the scene.

As anyone who’s done it knows, chasing around an infant is surprisingly time consuming for something that really can’t move all that much the first few months. Throw in serious weight and health issues, daycare illnesses galore, a hurricane evacuation, and nary a family member to tag within 10 states, and it’s been a long run thus far.

For our indy wrestling friends, we’ve probably become the equivalent of the world’s darkest dark match.

No, we’re still here, folks. But truthfully, it feels wrong writing content celebrating the athletes and talent of the indy wrestling scene when unable to see a live event in almost 9 months. So we went a bit radio silent in exception to when the Twitter lurking urge would creep in. (Yes, we’re reading most of said posts, to include 100 percent of DMs and/or ones we’re tagged in. PLEASE KEEP DOING SO!)

What indy wrestling we do watch is almost exclusively limited to what our DVR can auto-record: ROH, NJPW, and the occasional Impact. We likewise catch parts of WWE shows and PPVs, but admittedly till around 930p, at best, when we tap out from baby induced exhaustion.

So much, however, is lost from a distance. Every time our favorite security guard-slash-photographer graciously texts about a Shine Wrestling event at the Tampa Orpheum, I smile then sigh. It’s hard to convince any baby sitter to ride the wave until 1a, let alone on a weekend. Plus, we’re not keen on zero sleep when little man crows to the sun only five hours later.

Thus, DVR snippets, matches in parts, and some PWG DVDs we picked up during the peak remission period several months back. It’s a lonely place watching with the volume turned down/off, of ‘new’ belt holders whose moments of glory occurred 6 deep on the DVR. (Sorry, Silas!)

Ergo, big hugs to the select few who communicate to us both about wrestling AND – more importantly – life (notably family)! – to remind us the community is still out there. To include those fighting cancer, life’s other demon’s, and the up’s and down’s. Much love. If you’re ever in South Tampa, we owe you a cup of coffee.

It’s true: absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Watching those who I saw/spoke with almost weekly…but now with much wider gaps…makes one realize just how incredible these individuals truly are. Shane Taylor, is a perfect example, a champ as a person and professional. LuFisto’s courageous health battle. Frank Gastineau redefining what an indy ref is. Heck, our local crew is now running a very successful Punk Pro Wrestling organization!

In sum: we’re still here, keen to communicate, and support the indy wrestling scene we love. We just now have a new head of marketing who tends to drool a bit.


  1. Hang in there guys. When you have an infant, the demands are overwhelming and it seems like they will last 1000 years. They won’t. Even though you feel like choking out people who tell you that it will fly by as you live your 100th day with 2 hours sleep, it will. Wrestling will still be there when you are ready to come up for air. Who knows, maybe young Jerry will become a fan and you’ll get to see Indy Wrestling through a whole new set of eyes. Life is a long road. Keep the pilot light on and you can come roaring back when you are ready. We’ll be saving 2 front row seats for you.


    1. Thanks, as always, kind Sir for the gracious, kind words and support. Having a baby remains an amazing journey…but likewise – as you indicated – quite trying physically and emotionally.

      We’re of the belief little Jerry won’t have a choice but to support indy wrestling. Well, at minimum, pretend. 🙂

      If only I could convince wrestlers to watch wrestling WITH us while he’s still young. Hmmm….


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