LIVE EVENTS: Dear Mae Young Classic – Please Learn from Cruiserweight Classic Missteps

As the curtain about to lift on the inaugural Mae Young Classic, it’s important to realize how important this event truly is. And not for reasons you might think. This isn’t about participant list. The WWE assembled a virtual ‘who’s who’ in the indy wrestling women’s circuit (sans those with firm commitments to other promotions). […]

SPOTLIGHTS: The Sexuality Non-Issue in Pro-Wrestling

With all the brouhaha that is the 2016 presidential primary election cycle, it borders on incredible that demarcation lines in North Carolina bathrooms remains a continuous non-issue in professional wrestling. To explain and for decades, professional wrestling remains blessed with tremendous, gender bending talent. Of course the never aging Goldust immediately comes to mind. For […]

LIVE EVENTS: Team Intercontinental: FIP’s Fallout 15 – Night One (Ybor City)

In the interest of staying true to this unique tag team tournament, both Huracanrana and I will be providing our own ‘Team’ comments on it. We will not be comparing notes or head scissors. The first thing that dawned upon me is how unprecedented this event was. To explain, an ability to gather over four-dozen […]