5951600016_701439ef48_zWith all the brouhaha that is the 2016 presidential primary election cycle, it borders on incredible that demarcation lines in North Carolina bathrooms remains a continuous non-issue in professional wrestling.

To explain and for decades, professional wrestling remains blessed with tremendous, gender bending talent. Of course the never aging Goldust immediately comes to mind. For me, I likewise conjure up the amazing and openly gay Sonny Kiss, one of the Tier1’s biggest twerkers and stars.

Not to be ignored are the heterosexual wrestlers, most recently Joey Ryan, whose overtly sexual, in ring innuendos are embraced by wrestling community seemingly exhausted by political correctness. Ditto for gender bending wrestling traditions, where sexual preference is secondary…if not tertiary…to in ring prowess. For instance, The Romantic Touch could care less about your gender your sexuality; that rose is coming your way whether you like it or not.

And any discussion on gender bending isn’t complete sans mention of Pimpinela Escarlata, AAA’s (and sometimes Lucha Underground’s) makeup and stocking clad show stealer. Pimp is one of the promotions best workers, period.

Maybe it’s the over-the-top nature of professional wrestling, and/or the fact that everyone parades around near naked in spandex. It’s seemingly taken for granted that sexuality and wrestling comfortably coexist, regardless of age, gender or sexuality of fan on the viewing and of the action.

This is not to insist that sexuality is not an uncomfortable topic, regardless of fan comfort level. Rather it presents an interesting dichotomy to discussions on race that brought down (fate to be determined) WWE’s biggest name.

Not a week goes by where Huracanrana and must explain to friends/family/coworkers the passion and commitment we have for the independent wrestling community. Or why we spend so much time running an athlete-centric wrestling web site, anonymously.

The sexuality example is a prime example as to why. The pro wrestling community – its locker room and fans – support good workers and people, period. Occasional jackass aside, they don’t give a damn about your religion, politics, race, gender, and related taboos…as long as they don’t bleed into your work. Be supportive, be safe, and be always improving, and you will always be welcome.

I can’t think of a single other vocation so seemingly insulated from the worst aspects of political in/correctness…all the while embracing it via performance. Proud of ya’ for giving a damn…by not giving a damn.

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