SPOTLIGHTS: Embrace the Fringe – Bring Indy Wrestling to the Masses

As anyone intimately familiar with the independent pro wrestling scene can attest to, there are those with a passion for it…and…everyone else. Even the most passionate WWE fan can struggle in seeing the merits of pro wrestling devoid of pyrotechnics and Men’s Fitness cover models. Let alone doing so at a community center or high […]

SPOTLIGHTS: The Indy Wrestling FAN Road Diaries

Vacation planning for Hurancanrana and I contains four distinct elements: Locate a weekend, higher tier (eg PPV) pro wrestling event to attend, in A fun…ideally new to us…but not-so-distant city. Also, ID a terrific fight gym to get some work in (check out Jesse James Leija’s place in San Antonio!), Find a hotel sporting nearby […]

LIVE EVENTS: Formula for the Perfect Pay-Per-View

This weekend featured a unique trio of three different promotions converging on the same location. WWE, NXT and ROH all surrounded my hometown of Brooklyn, NY for individual PPV events. Having attended several PPV events and TV tapings over the past year, this led me to reason: what makes for the ideal premium/PPV event? Ten […]

WRESTLING 101: The Highs and Lows of The Tinkerbell C-L-A-P!

The tinkerbell effect is to wrestling like the flaming ashes are to the mythical phoenix. The audience all agrees to will someone to life through the power of their collective belief most likely demonstrated through clapping, stomping or chanting.  Or as the WWE’s New Day have it ,”clap therapy” saves the day bringing a reborn […]

LIVE EVENTS: Group Hypnosis – The Live Wrestling Experience

Maybe I’m weird, or old, or both, but I actually remember enjoying seeing a movie at a movie theater simply because I loved the crowd.  The movie was somehow better because of the way we all reacted or didn’t react to the different characters, story lines, climaxes, let downs etc.  I remember truly believing that […]

LIVE EVENTS: Fan etiquette – The perfect prescription?

At a recent (and terrific!) Evolve show in Ybor City, I heard a couple of very enthusiastic fans behind huricanrana and I self-justify their very loud chants to “make the [WWN] pay per view seem interesting.” Those guys definitely have a point, as – having watched many a taped show filmed at a small venue […]

LIVE EVENTS: Why the best live sports…are staged live sports

As a child, I used to gaze with awe at the environs of the majestic Madison Square Garden. Everything there was special: the ushers, who I envied (they got to see EVERY game!), the food, the drink (somehow it smelled and  tasted better based on location), and – of course – the passionate, ‘all-in’ fans around me (still […]