WWE SummerSlam 2015

Akin to the Super Bowl, once a year pro wrestling has an opportunity to stand on its own as a pop culture phenomenon. For about 4-5 days, individuals with little to no passing interest in the sport begin to jabber about the likes of Roman Reigns, The Rock, and (for 2016) all things Dallas, Texas.

More recently, independent pro wrestling promotions embraced this opportunity. Not by duplication, rather celebration. Holding sister conventions and match sets in support of WrestleMania, again – like Super Bowl week – creates a week long event chock full of goodies. Travel to Dallas with a chance for literally unlimited encounters with outstanding matches, athletes, and fans.

Around the world, many will debate the merits of the matches and storylines. Even the most skeptical, however, will believe ultimate product – across the board – will stand up to the merits of years prior. And with it, hopefully continue to build on the somewhat surprising but welcome surge in popularity of pro wrestling over the last 1-1.5 years.

With all the hoopla surrounding WrestleMania, it’s important the community takes a moment to put its best foot forward. Smaller to mid-size promotions and their athletes and talent have a golden opportunity to reach new audiences also buck stereotypes. For every new fan to WrestleCon and/or a merchandise table comes a potentially spider web of advocates for the sport, at large.

Not be pollyanna…but it’s imperative that the community is, well, pollyanna. Sure, millions of smarks will flood Twitter declaring the hopeful demise or Roman Reigns, regardless of outcome, also the seeming crime of a non-push within a spotlight event.

As members of the community responsible for the livelihood of this sport and passion through your actions and words…fight the allure to join the critical bandwagon. This is the one week during the year where your efforts matter most.

Educate on the beauty of the sport. Support your brothers and sisters, regardless of promotion. Serve as professional ambassadors for those looking for the worst…but also the best…in the community during this week. Please don’t get arrested, overly drunk in public, and/or choose the podium as an opportunity to set the momentum back a year. Take to social media to take it all in.

Most of all: remember why you’re reading this site, why you do what you do. HAVE FUN. There’s no greater community in professional sports than the pro wrestling one, and this is the week to prove it.

Enjoy the ride, and thank you for what YOU do.

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