10853070_926565797368606_467283115_nSince I first watched wrestling, “back in the day” I always loved the tag team.  The whole concept worked for me, two wrestlers with complementary styles using combination moves, subterfuge and great timing to overcome their opponents.  Hot tags aside, my favorite current tag team are the heel sensations, the Kimber Bombs!

I watched the Kimber Bombs retain their tag team title back in May of this year at Shine 27 with a glorious victory over Legendary.  It was certainly youth against experience but I was very impressed with the wonderful partner work of the Kimber Bombs.  Kimber Lee and Cherry Bomb certainly caught my eye as two wrestlers that are different in style but perfectly complement each others move set and overall characters. Whoever thought of partnering these women up deserves a big high five and a front row seat at their next match.

Kimber Lee, the first female graduate of the CZW academy has incredible body control and strength for her tiny frame. While only 25 years old, Princess Palm strike, has truly fearless ground work including an amazing jawbreaker and original power bomb that she employs at will. Her character is just a lot of fun with her airhead tweener gimmick coming across as both oddly likeable and intimidating.  In one match at Shine 27,  Kimber Lee came out with a back pack literally filled with “things” including thing 1 to thing 7 from the Doctor Suess classic.  How she was planning to use this against her opponent, I’ll never know; but I loved seeing it!

Cherry Bomb is equally as petite as her partner and known for both her ground work and high flying rope antics.  Hailing from Canada, she has held more belts and awards than I can commit to paper or this blog.  My favorite Cherry Bomb move is her outstanding death valley driver/burning hammer, which Brandi Wine ate to aplomb.  However, Cherry Bomb is best known for her killer submission hold the “Anger as Beauty” which truly looks painful! Cherry Bomb has wrestled all over the world adding Japanese and Luchadora style into her arsenal. In addition, she is a terrific heel generally reminding you that she will always be the personification of the fitness goals you can never hope to achieve.  Damn Straight!

Together these two ladies make a formidable team; while one drops you on your neck the other rips your legs off.  With Cherry Bomb adding Global Force Wrestling onto her hit list of promotions, I am hoping that Kimber Lee will come along for the ride.  The world shouldn’t be deprived of the damage these two athletes can do together.  All hail your Shine and Shimmer tag team champions!


  1. We had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Lee at New England Fan Fest 5 last month. She’s as articulate in explaining her views on wrestling as she is skilled in the ring. Saw her the next day at Beyond Wrestling in Providence in a teamed with Chynron against Chris Dickinson and the formidable Heidi Lovelace. Great athletes all.

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    1. Thanks Professor; it would be great to be able to talk more with these athletes. I’d love to here their perspective. I’m excited to see Kimber Lee again at Shine 28 this Friday night. Go Kimber Bombs!


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