5200_04Over 20 columns in, a twitter and email account, and an array of kind and generous feedback from the international professional wrestling community both online and off, Huracanrana and I took a step back to revisit Pro Wrestling in Florida.

First things first: we’re grateful for the support. Specifically, that this community – literally the world over – takes the time to read and reflect on the comments and posts within. To say we expected this level of support would be an understatement of epic proportions. The love is both appreciated is humbling!

How is this site potentially (and arguably) different? We created this site for YOU.

Huracanrana and I intentionally remain anonymous, our goal to instead celebrate the wonderful athletes and talent that comprise professional wrestling. Likewise offer these individuals a safe and encouraging environment to provide their thoughts on the craft they love. Our popular series ‘Athlete Appreciation’ was very deliberately entitled.

While we do not play favorites, we have a special place for smaller, regional promotions and the athletes featured within. For these individuals, we’re always willing to swing by your event, review a DVD/PPV, to share the word and love. Likewise offer its athlete/talent a chance to contribute to the site…to include anonymously.

Thank you again, and please keep reading, posting, and sharing.

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