3a2f5cc16f81d1abe482bec3d3e75d68Arguably the greatest thrill of the international, independent wrestling scene is the constant discovery of exceptional talents. House shows offer glimpses at future superstars in development stages, DVDs closer looks at individuals off the radar…but not for long.

While Wrestling in Florida’s Athlete Appreciation section captures some of these individuals, here’s a quick snapshot of five folks soon to be household names.

  1. FIP’s Jonny Vandal is perhaps the most well-known secret in professional wrestling. Prominently featured since 2010 across the entire Dragon’s Gate and WWN promotional spectrum, New York City’s finest likewise picked up a trio of NXT match credits in 2014. Small in stature but no stranger to power and often extreme wrestling, Vandal epitomizes the heel genre to its fullest. He also possesses perhaps the strangest and R-rated entrance in independent wrestling, one attached to a chain held by Trina Michaels. This has to be seen, in person, to be fully appreciated.
  2. Shine’s Tracy Taylor is the ultimate of contrasts. Beneath a carefree outward presentation and Mahalo wave lies a ruthless ring general. Taylor is extraordinarily powerful for her size, an aggressive striker not afraid to mix it up. Perhaps the best part of Taylor’s wrestling style is you never know what you’re going to get. She’s very diverse in approach, and is one of those rare wrestlers who makes any opponent look better. Watch closely throughout Taylor’s matches; you’ll see something different every time. The Island Girl simply ‘gets’ it.
  3. Rhett Giddins will be a household name: you heard it here first. One of the true FIP heavyweights, there is arguably no better clothesline in all of independent wrestling. Simply put: The Freak is a beast, and is only getting better…and fast. Recent matches with Monster Tarver are becoming Twitter legendary and for good reason. Think Godzilla meets Mothra…only in a squared circle. Giddins is also incredibly interactive, someone uniquely skilled in getting an audience emotionally connected. He’s a stereotypical pro wrestler…in the best of ways.
  4. Dynamo Will Ferrara is the classic example of a small dog unaware of his size…but one you shouldn’t mess with, nonetheless. Runner-up to Donovan Dijak in ROH’s 2015 Top Prospect Tournament, Ferrara is a fast-riser in the promotion based on a willingness to fight literally anyone. Ferrara is logically a high flyer, but one with a knack for chopping down significantly larger opponents. Akin to Gary Jay, Ferrara begins as a curiosity but ends with a standing ovation. Ferrara is the rare athlete who can truly tell a story via ring moves.
  5. There’s only one athlete capable of being a life size Pikachu one day…a zombie princess the next. That is Shine’s Su Yung. Perhaps no better character in all of women’s wrestling, Su Yung came to Shine via an FCW tryout contract…and never looked back. Sporting terrific chemistry with April Hunter, Yung is crazy enough to leap off balconies, climb under rings, get pseudo-chloroformed, and literally faux bleed over everyone in sight. Underneath this, however, lies an incredibly gifted athlete with beautiful ring artistry.

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