As a firm disciple of the Lucha Underground temple, it’s possible I read too much into the show.  I guess perception is everything, but I believe there is a lot of depth in this beautiful and violent world of Boyle Heights. This post is dedicated to the Luchadora Five: specifically  their uncanny connection to the Wu Xing, the 5 agents of the planet.

First, we have the Fire spirit – the lovely Ivelisse – who embodies the balance of hatred and love.  While she began (in Season 1) as the world’s most annoying girlfriend, she’s  grown to be the glue that holds together 3 independent spirits. She’s a team player and a leader, all the while the baddest bitch in the room. Not an easy combo to pull off!

Speaking as a woman, female wrestlers often play roles limited to  different versions of “crazy bitch.” Ivelisse, however, has certainly broken this mold.  Whether she is battling Mil Muertes and the forces of evil or  taking on Kobra Moon, Ivelisse brings passion and intensity to her craft, giving fans someone to root for that isn’t an idealized cardboard cutout of a woman.

Second is our Wood spirit; the indomitable Sexy Star.  She is the heart and soul of the temple.  The courageous and curious warrior whose altruism can be a casualty in the violent world she inhabits. Sexy Star initially begins (Season 1) as the protege of Chavo Guerrero Jr., only to be left betrayed and broken by the legend.  However, no one can keep Sexy Star down for long. Her altruism is balanced with righteous anger.  Her sense of justice leads her to protect others. She ultimately stands up for herself against the vile Marty and Mariposa.  She is a complicated babyface character, a survivor not a victim; resilient to the core.

Third is the element of Metal, and who but Taya Valkyrie fits this description? Taya knows no fear, and is governed by the balance of intuition and bravery.  She will run into a fight with the highly intimidating and enormous Cage…assuming that only victory is possible. At the same time, Taya can be found creating mayhem outside the ring to put over her partner Johnny Mundo.  The real question between those two is whose ego is bigger?  My money is on the metal element of Taya. She is hard as nails while still being rational. After all, a win is a win no matter how you get there!

Fourth is the mysterious newcomer, the serpentine, Kobra Moon; our Earth spirit.  Just like the snake crawls and hides in the grass,  this luchadora embodies the balance of patience and quickness, bringing anxiety and surprise to her opponents.  Kobra Moon has proven to be a very difficult to beat, first taking down Bengala and then Sexy Star back-to- back. Of course, Earth and Wood have always had their issues. Just think a tree and roots… and…you get the picture. Kobra Moon’s motivations are unknown at this time, but she has certainly slithered her way into the hearts of the believers.

Finally we have the Water spirit; the fearsome yet strangely delicate Mariposa. Just the concept of a wrestler as a butterfly is brilliant! It represents transformation, beauty and death, all in one sweeping motion of her butterfly, water spirit wings. Mariposa cares deeply; we are led to believe in light of her psychotic brother: the maladjusted super fan, Marty the Moth.  Yet Mariposa’s form of caring involves bringing pain and paralyzing fear to her victims.  Still, she balances said fear and gentleness, showing loyalty to her family by victimizing others.  Pardon the pun, but this character has wings and who knows where  further development of Mariposa will lead.


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