maxresdefault2We live in wrestling nirvana.

Legendary athletes stand ready and willing to display wares in developmental leagues, seeming mainstays of particular promotions and countries now anything but. Simultaneously, the best and brightest of indy circuits bop around the country for all star matches almost nightly. Thus, one would almost have to try to avoid a terrific weekend pro wrestling event within driving distance.

With arguably unprecedented global pro wrestling talent on display, however, a disturbing trend persists. Squash matches galore continue to permeate mainstream circles, as talent needing to ‘get over’ manhandle those looking for a seemingly needed break.

I’ve thought long and hard to find any semblance of value in a squash match. Older arguments of a safe spotlight test no longer holds weight. Indy circuits are way too robust, too talented. Squashed individuals are already well battle tested in hometown promotions and/or the regional circuits. Let alone overseas.

Worse yet is watching top indy talent perform this deed to put over mainstream promotion up and comers. Even live crowds are starting to feel dirty watching these matches, individuals well acquainted with what the indy talent has to offer. Let alone the half dozen belts they likely hold.

Don’t get me wrong: I understand full well that mainstream squash matches may be the biggest spotlight to date for these indy talents. Also, this one of a few chances to have the eyes of top bookers (albeit within non ideal circumstance).

Still, I can’t pay credence to this concept as literally none of these individuals stick with the main roster. Name ONE. Putting in one’s time seems to be a dead concept in lieu of very insider connections, exclusively.

In stating the above, this is – in no way – critiquing indy talent for earning paychecks and visibility in squash matches. Rather denouncing a practice that no longer has any semblance of value in a world well aware of indy talent. Many of these individuals appear on TNA, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, among others.

Playing sacrificial lamb helps neither lamb nor dinner table.



  1. Have an exhibition not a squash … Everyone wins that way both wrestlers winner and loser and most importantly the fans who don’t want a 30 second nothing bout!


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