669ad228778af645-600x400For two anonymous people writing an indy wrestling blog uniquely geared toward its athletes and talent, it’s not uncommon for Huracanrana and I to get asked “who’s your favorite wrestler?” Of course, that’s an incredibly difficult if not impossible question to answer.

  • Do you mean growing up (ergo had the greatest influence on subsequent, reinvigorated interest in the sport)?
  • Retired or active?
  • Which promotion?
  • Is gender relevant?
  • Tag team or singles?
  • Does talent/referees count?

Once these variables are added to the equation, it’s near impossible to reach a definitive answer. I will state this with certainty, however: I friggin’ love the heck out of Bobby Fish.

Most reading this are likely already aware he’s now signed to NXT, where my fingers are crossed he’ll someday headline WrestleMania. I’m blindly optimistic this will occur, any comment otherwise, be damned. Here’s the rationale behind it:

  1. His name is actually ‘Bobby Fish.’ Which is awesome. I also really like actual fish, but there’s no circumstantial relation. (Despite Dalton Castle questioning why a guy who travels with a giant stuffed catfish pillow really likes a wrestler with said last name. Just let me be me, Mr Castle.)
  2. His birthplace being NY State. I’m a homer. So sue me.
  3. His standing as a nak muay, also known as a Muay Thai aficionado. Hence the kicks that chop bamboo trees. A fellow practitioner of the Art of 8 Limbs, I salute you, brother.
  4. His being a jerk in the best of ways. So many wrestlers play heels by being rude to the crowd. He threatened to stuff a kid into the trunk of his car. Even as a good guy, he’s still obnoxious.
  5. His voice, that high-pitched nails on chalkboard that makes you love to hate him. And he never stops talking. Which is glorious.
  6. His partnership/mentorship with Kyle O’Reilly, one that helped produce global recognition for both. O’Reilly is in NXT as well, with Fish as partial credit.
  7. His willingness to jump head first into Japanese promotions (Pro Wrestling Noah, NJPW) as both a singles and tag team wrestler. Few embrace/d Japanese wrestling as well as Fish.
  8. His professionalism, easily one of the most consistent performers on the indy circuit match after match. To include wrestling an entire TV taping and weekend with broken ribs. Saw that one firsthand.
  9. His promos, mic and commentary work that never ceases to entertain. Few wrestlers make you want to strangle the endlessly offensive guest commentator. Fish is one of them.
  10. His appreciation of fans. I learned this firsthand by purchasing his former Red Dragon entrance jacket on a whim while at a ROH Las Vegas PPV. (Note: fun to wear, except Fish is 30 pounds heavier and 5 inches shorter than me – Oops!) He’s truly a kind and respectful dude.

So there ya’ have it. Join me in wishing the good Mr Fish and his trademark facial hair much success in literally kicking the heck out any/everyone in NXT and beyond.

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