paleo-diet-for-athlete-1024x832As a guy a slave to his diet (Crohn’s Disease) and workout routine, I’ve got no choice but to be cognizant of everything in my meals. Dairy, artificial nonsense, and raw everything will light me up for days at a time.

Of course, any pro wrestling athlete puts diet first and foremost, as the demanding schedule and grind of the sport requires endless protein plus supplements to stay in the game.

Still, even the most seemingly careful diet falls prey to misinformed vendors, and products. Most have no idea what the hell is in their food, and even protein powders re-labels no-no’s as seemingly proprietary blends. People. Lie. Often.

Thus, if you’re not getting the results from a would-be strict diet and/or muscle builder, it’s likely you’re being swindled by someone too lazy/ignorant to know any better. It ‘aint you, pal.

Some tips:

  1. Don’t be fooled by ‘vegan,’ ‘organic’ and/or other labels. Chemical crap can be classified as this. READ CLOSELY.
  2. Ask your server for the restaurant’s allergy friendly menu. Almost every good place has one. Even friggin’ Chili’s at the airport. By ‘allergy friendly,’ I mean: “what the hell is/n’t in my food”
  3. Simplify supplements. It’s impossible to know what is/n’t working if you don’t break down workout aids into simple ingredients.
  4. Avoid excess sugar/salts. These are danger areas that really limit ability for proteins to do their thing, also dehydrate the hell out of you. Thirsty all the time? This is why.
  5. Ignore swole Jesus selling you stuff. They don’t have your schedule and never will. You need something you can process…and quickly. Their jazzy products are meant for CrossFit, trust fund babies.
  6. Sugar alcohol SUCKS. Always. Do not eat.
  7. Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. Even if you err, you’ll eventually flush the nonsense out of you. Keep said bottle at half full, always.
  8. Stick to a timed schedule for eating. Your body will be confused as to how/when to break down what you eat. And will keep you up at night.
  9. Hold a restaurant accountable. Eat slowly…see how your body absorbs the food. If you’re getting the stop sign, it likely means the kitchen ignored your request. Send the damn thing back.
  10. Ethnic restaurants tend to know what’s in their food. Find a cuisine of choice…and become smart in it. This means less likelihood of surprise.

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