SPOTLIGHTS: Stop Building to PPVs: Why Indy Wrestling Gets it Right

Something is broken with the WWE. And I’m not talking about sex scandals, serious injuries from over scheduling talent, and a revolution that arguably never happened. Nor never-ending confusion on when/not to push established talent one last time. What is broken lies in the WWE Network’s obsession to convince shareholders it a useful venture, and […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Give Intergender Matches a Chance

In all this talk of women’s ‘revolutions,’ racist tweets, sex tapes, league mergers, developmental by name only, it’s no wonder the world of professional wrestling can seem a bit more serious than it’s intended. This is not to imply professional wrestling isn’t a serious business, however. Athletes literally put their lives at stake with every […]

SPOTLIGHTS: The Indy Wrestling FAN Road Diaries

Vacation planning for Hurancanrana and I contains four distinct elements: Locate a weekend, higher tier (eg PPV) pro wrestling event to attend, in A fun…ideally new to us…but not-so-distant city. Also, ID a terrific fight gym to get some work in (check out Jesse James Leija’s place in San Antonio!), Find a hotel sporting nearby […]

SPOTLIGHTS: An Open Letter-slash-Plea to Professional Wrestlers

Since Hurancanrana and I returned to professional wrestling a year ago, it’s certainly been an interesting ride. We re-discovered WWE and its terrific developmental house shows, uncovered an outstanding Shine women’s wrestling community, became immersed in live FIP and ACW events, and found tremendous joy in the Ring of Honor experience. Along the way – […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Why ‘The Sheik’ is a Must-See for Any Indy Wrestling Jabroni

For nearly all reading this site, professional wrestling has a warm spot in his/her heart. It’s the sophisticated simplicity of an art form: a beautiful brawl…one at a maestro’s pace, to captivate viewers at crescendo moments. There’s no greater ovation to its prized conductors than a thunderous “this is awesome” from house show faithful. This […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Coming of Age – What Hogan, Piper, Bryan, Demott and Punk Mean to Independent Wrestling

This site isn’t concerned in determining divides between right versus wrong, nor passing personal or professional judgment on pro wrestling’s highest profile athletes. As stated time and time again: we are not a smark/fan site, rather a forum for appreciation of professional wrestling written for/by its athletes and talents. Still, it’s important to recognize the […]

SPOTLIGHTS: A Moveable Feast – The Wrestling Road Diaries Revisited

Instead of writing a review of the Wrestling Road Diaries, Colt Cabana’s two volume documentary of the independent wrestling scene, here is my interpretation: wrestling is a moveable feast.  Wrestling, like most sports, may be a “young” person’s game, but if you are fortunate enough to have the talent and courage to have taken the […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Total Trainwreck, Or Trying to Watch an Episode of “Total Divas”

Obviously, I am biased against the whole “Diva” concept or the uniformity of one character for all of the female wrestlers of the WWE.  (Sure there is some variation: you can be a crazy Diva, a sexy Diva, a punk Diva; just so long as you are an arrogant, self important bitch).  So take my […]