SPOTLIGHTS: What are the Limits of Product Placement?

A core tenet of this site is too avoid excessive critique. Still when the WWE employed Epico and Primo (formerly of ‘Los Matadores’) as part of a new ‘Visit Puerto Rico’ ad campaign, an uncomfortable line was crossed. Specifically, ‘The Shining Stars’ – as their new tag team configuration is termed – is the product of […]

SPOTLIGHTS: The Sexuality Non-Issue in Pro-Wrestling

With all the brouhaha that is the 2016 presidential primary election cycle, it borders on incredible that demarcation lines in North Carolina bathrooms remains a continuous non-issue in professional wrestling. To explain and for decades, professional wrestling remains blessed with tremendous, gender bending talent. Of course the never aging Goldust immediately comes to mind. For […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Wearing Your Fandom – My TOP 3 Favorite Wrestling Shirts

Ah yes, the time honored tradition of wearing your favorite wrestling t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, gloves, underwear(!), jacket, backpack, rubber bracelet, key-chain or hat. There is a lot of wrestling apparel available to the fan base…and a lot of places to purchase these items.  When I open my wallet, I prefer it to be face-to-face; I […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Should the NBADL Serve as the Model for Indy Wrestling Compensation?

Merely a few days after discussing the troubling fiscal realities of pro wrestling, an interesting story emerged on Yahoo! Sports about two longest tenured NBA Developmental League athletes. What caught my eye was not the intriguing tale of these two athletes, rather the compensation package for this league: “The D-League has three tiers of pay: […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Dollars and Nonsense – The Financial Realities of Pro Wrestling

Despite what the most dedicated fan may conclude, not a single member of the pro wrestling community is in it for the money or lifestyle. For the hundreds of individuals within this community we’re blessed to communicate with on a weekly basis, nary a one seemingly possesses any delusions of grandeur. This, however, points to […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Embrace the Fringe – Bring Indy Wrestling to the Masses

As anyone intimately familiar with the independent pro wrestling scene can attest to, there are those with a passion for it…and…everyone else. Even the most passionate WWE fan can struggle in seeing the merits of pro wrestling devoid of pyrotechnics and Men’s Fitness cover models. Let alone doing so at a community center or high […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Talent Misidentification – Re-thinking the Brass Ring

Watching our favorite indy wrestling talent pursue their dreams is why this site exists. It’s a safe, non-smark forum for everyone involved in this global community to voice their passions. Nary a week goes by when one of these individuals doesn’t crack an NXT show, secure a spot in Evolve, appear at a Ring Honor […]