LIVE EVENTS: Announcer Do’s and Do Not’s

Some people take their pro wrestling announcers way too seriously; I’m not one of those individuals. I will, however, express significant eye rolling in uncomfortable product selling, pervert statements, childish antics (for grown men/women) emanating from these individuals. We all know who I’m talking about. With this being said, there are significant gems in the […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Give Intergender Matches a Chance

In all this talk of women’s ‘revolutions,’ racist tweets, sex tapes, league mergers, developmental by name only, it’s no wonder the world of professional wrestling can seem a bit more serious than it’s intended. This is not to imply professional wrestling isn’t a serious business, however. Athletes literally put their lives at stake with every […]


It’s hard to be a wrestling legend by 27, but Ivelisse Vélez is the rare exception. Thus, there’s a reason Vélez is featured prominently on Wrestling in Florida when describing the terrific independent, women’s pro wrestling scene. Wrestling since the age of 15, Ivelisse Vélez’ incredible journey to 10 titles is matched only by her […]