Some people take their pro wrestling announcers way too seriously; I’m not one of those individuals. I will, however, express significant eye rolling in uncomfortable product selling, pervert statements, childish antics (for grown men/women) emanating from these individuals. We all know who I’m talking about.

With this being said, there are significant gems in the pro wrestling announcer community. Ring of Honor’s Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino immediately come to mind, two individuals who both embrace the ROH storylines and community. Ditto for WWN’s Trevin Adams and Rob Naylor: their enthusiasm for its promotions and athletes are contagious. Finally, Vampiro and Matt Stryker take pride in celebrating wrestling’s illustrious past during Lucha Underground broadcasts.

I personally adore announcers with never-ending knowledge of specific move sets, sequences, and/or traditions. Huracanrana possesses specific affinity for guest announcers who break the third wall.

One thing, however, that gets my blood boiling is when announcers embrace – almost celebrate – injury in professional wrestling. Look, we all know that pro wrestling is the art of storytelling through simulated fighting. Still, when announcers gleefully cheer for seeming knockouts (“he’s out!”), missed spots (via slow motion replays) and/or bleeding (“he’s really opened up!”)…this is shameful.

Shameful, because we’re seeing spinal injuries en masse, premature deaths from pain numbing drugs, and unprecedented numbers of injuries via arguable over-wrestling. Just look on twitter for the daily medical report in pro wrestling. These guys know better.

The above is not an attempt to be preachy. Rather, an educational point for promotions and announce talent to adopt a different protocol for when such things occur. Also encourage athletes to sell kayfabe injuries in a manner that doesn’t resemble its very serious counterparts.

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  1. Great piece … Please no more squealing with joy or fake shock when someone supposedly is knocked unconscious! How is a pin on someone unconscious even interesting, it’s like punching a person who is asleep.

    It would great if there was more comment on actual technique or strategy versus endless babble about “storylines.” This way the wrestling tells the story versus the other way round. I guess indies get this so much better because they can’t rely on pyrotechnics or fancy lighting etc.

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