LIVE EVENTS: Formula for the Perfect Pay-Per-View

This weekend featured a unique trio of three different promotions converging on the same location. WWE, NXT and ROH all surrounded my hometown of Brooklyn, NY for individual PPV events. Having attended several PPV events and TV tapings over the past year, this led me to reason: what makes for the ideal premium/PPV event? Ten […]


EDITOR’S NOTE: It is with sincere humility and pleasure that we introduce a new feature to Wrestling in Florida, ‘What Pro Wrestling Means to Me.’ It’s a feature dedicated to the athletes and talents of pro wrestling this site pays homage to. Contributions via: These contributions are intentionally uncensored. They are meant for these […]

SPOTLIGHTS: Why ‘The Sheik’ is a Must-See for Any Indy Wrestling Jabroni

For nearly all reading this site, professional wrestling has a warm spot in his/her heart. It’s the sophisticated simplicity of an art form: a beautiful brawl…one at a maestro’s pace, to captivate viewers at crescendo moments. There’s no greater ovation to its prized conductors than a thunderous “this is awesome” from house show faithful. This […]

WRESTLING 101: Viva, The Athletic Big Man!

As Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Big E Langston, Johnny Mundo, and Michael Elgin rocked the wrestling airwaves this weekend, they brought with them recognition of a renaissance: the arrival of the athletic big man. This body type genre has long been overshadowed by the giant, high flyer, and grappler, respectively, three wrestling types arguably more conducive […]

LIVE EVENTS: An Ode to the Older, Live Performer

I’ve spent many a televised wrestling show wondering why legendary wrestlers (Kurt Angle, Saraya Knight, Mark Henry, Christopher Daniels, to name a few) seemingly on a downhill athletic slope are thrust into match after match. A pragmatist would reason  there a slew of mid card and/or up and comers that could better take said legendary […]