SPOTLIGHTS: Fans Pay the Bills – A Lesson for ‘The Wrestling Renaissance’

In the early 15th Century, Cosimo Medici, patriarch of his famed Italian family, rose to prominence in Florence. He did so via his skills as its preeminent banker, a gift equaled only by his savvy in politics. What Medici is arguably best known for is how he spent much of his wealth. His love and patronage […]

WRESTLING 101: The ‘Rant’ Column

The great thing about today’s wrestling environment is the incredible ease of access in finding terrific stuff to watch.  New Japan is on Ring of Honor…and vice versa. Fite TV is stacked with WWN offerings. The WWE Network features oodles of classic content. TNA Impact and Lucha Underground are must-see’s each week.   But some things […]

ATHLETE APPRECIATION: In Memoriam – Harry “Mr. Fuji” Fujiwara

Editor’s Note: We are thrilled and honored to bring you a touching eulogy via someone who knew Harry Fujiwara well, with Mr. Fuji a central part of his family’s life. It is with privilege and pleasure we both introduce Fuji Vice, likewise share his beautiful thoughts. ********* BY: Fuji Vice First, a short intro. I met Intercontinental Belt […]

WRESTLING 101: The Less Obvious Experience Discrepancy of In-Person versus TV Events

Huracanrana and I are fortunate peeps, both because we live in a hub of independent wrestling (Tampa, FL), likewise within walking distance to a terrific venue well suited for bigger stage offerings. Thus, we had little excuse not to attend WWE’s Monday Night Raw earlier in the week. Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a piece […]

LIVE EVENTS: Why ‘Money in the Bank’ May be the Best PPV Format of All

While this site deliberately tries to stick to independent wrestling discussion, there’s no shame in occasionally bringing up big brother WWE. Truth be told, Huracanrana and I wrote a fair number of pieces on the shortcomings of the world’s most famous professional wrestling promotion. Critiques on body type, gender presentation, financials, and the ‘jobbing’ concept […]

SPOTLIGHTS: What are the Limits of Product Placement?

A core tenet of this site is too avoid excessive critique. Still when the WWE employed Epico and Primo (formerly of ‘Los Matadores’) as part of a new ‘Visit Puerto Rico’ ad campaign, an uncomfortable line was crossed. Specifically, ‘The Shining Stars’ – as their new tag team configuration is termed – is the product of […]

ATHLETE APPRECIATION: Mauro Ranallo Is a Game Changer in the ‘Social Era’

Perhaps the single greatest pro wrestling industry accomplishment of 2015 was the prime time seat for Mauro Ranallo on the WWE Smackdown desk. Yes, a bold statement….but one I can arguably back up. To explain, with WWE facing a television ratings identity crisis plus simultaneous challenge from an array of independent wrestling promotions, Mauro Ranallo […]

LIVE EVENTS: Team Intercontinental: FIP’s Fallout 15 – Night One (Ybor City)

In the interest of staying true to this unique tag team tournament, both Huracanrana and I will be providing our own ‘Team’ comments on it. We will not be comparing notes or head scissors. The first thing that dawned upon me is how unprecedented this event was. To explain, an ability to gather over four-dozen […]