WRESTLING 101: The ‘Rant’ Column

The great thing about today’s wrestling environment is the incredible ease of access in finding terrific stuff to watch.  New Japan is on Ring of Honor…and vice versa. Fite TV is stacked with WWN offerings. The WWE Network features oodles of classic content. TNA Impact and Lucha Underground are must-see’s each week.   But some things […]

ATHLETE APPRECIATION: Mauro Ranallo Is a Game Changer in the ‘Social Era’

Perhaps the single greatest pro wrestling industry accomplishment of 2015 was the prime time seat for Mauro Ranallo on the WWE Smackdown desk. Yes, a bold statement….but one I can arguably back up. To explain, with WWE facing a television ratings identity crisis plus simultaneous challenge from an array of independent wrestling promotions, Mauro Ranallo […]

LIVE EVENTS: Announcer Do’s and Do Not’s

Some people take their pro wrestling announcers way too seriously; I’m not one of those individuals. I will, however, express significant eye rolling in uncomfortable product selling, pervert statements, childish antics (for grown men/women) emanating from these individuals. We all know who I’m talking about. With this being said, there are significant gems in the […]