brooks2The latest Athlete Appreciation takes us literally across the world, to Melbourne, Australia’s Adam Brooks.

We didn’t select ‘Brooksy’ by accident. See, Adam Wilmot – at the young age of 24 – is already a recognizable star in his home country. He’s arguably best known for a slew of impressive matches – as an opponent or eventual tag team championship partner – with Matt Silva (Matt Adams), an individual best known as WWE/NXT’s former tag team champion Buddy Murphy.

Brooksy is also guilty by association with another outstanding talent from that neck of the woods. His better half, Kellyanne English, is an equal star in her own right, recently appearing at a very successful Shine Wrestling 30 here in Tampa. (You’ll get ‘em next time, Kellyanne and Liberty!)

Watching Adam Brooks do his thing reminds me a fair bit of recent WWE/NXT signee – and former Full Impact Pro champion – Rich Swann. Specifically, a dual commitment to: a) endlessly perfecting respective crafts, b) a prized hybrid high flyer/striker style, and c) near-continuous interaction with audiences throughout a match.

Like Swann, Brooks pays his dues. At 24 years old he’s already wrestled for: Warzone Wrestling, Melbourne City Wrestling, Professional Championship Wrestling, Wrestleclash, WrestleRock, Outback Championship Wrestling, Riot City Wrestling, Zero 1 Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ignition, Pro Wrestling Alliance, Explosive Pro Wrestling, and New Horizons Pro Wrestling. That’s an impressive 12 promotion resume for an indy wrestling veteran, let alone an individual at  earliest career stages. I can’t imagine the miles on his car! (Even if driving on the wrong side of the road.)

Finally, Brooks shares the Swann pedigree of a title holder nearly from the get-go, an impressive now seven time champion. His most recent coming as Melbourne City Wrestling Tag Team Champion (in 2015), alongside a very capable Dowie James.

To the nitty gritty.

To describe Adam Brooks is like popping in an early DVD of El Generico. There’s a beautiful passion and ring mastery to Brooks, one the crowd and announce team seemingly can’t get enough of. (“Brooksy!” is a near constant soundtrack.) Akin to Generico, Brooks is a maestro in selling bumps against much larger opponents, and seemingly embraces an opportunity to tell fabulous wrestling stories via body style differentials.

Storytelling-wise, to watch an Adam Brooks match is to witness a man endlessly overcoming the odds, and getting his butt kicked perpetually while doing so. He’s likewise a man who doesn’t realize there’s a mismatch, thus keeps coming back for more. His trademark defiance is a calling card; his ferocity and stubbornness both confounds and frustrates incredulous opponents who can’t fathom Brooks’ steadfastness. Stay down, you crazy bastard!…and how did that guy just beat me?!

Technically, Brooks sports the prerequisite moveset required of a high flyer/striker star, that being a gorgeous standing dropkick, gravity defying reverse ring launch ability, and a very convincing kick to punch transition. His grappling game is emerging as a strength, with Brooks now displaying sound transitions from pin attempts. Good on you, mate!

To Huracanrana and I, Adam Brooks is a welcome reminder. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the site and its Twitter feed is to connect with athletes and talent all across the world, and follow their journeys. Writing this piece – akin to other Athlete Appreciation segments – it’s clear we’re witnessing a global star in the making in Adam Wilmot.

Wilmot indicated he’s scouting US bookings in mid-2016. Here’s hoping he makes a stop in West Florida. Good luck, Brooksy!



  1. Brooksy is a phenomenal talent. He might have to stop referring to himself as the “loose c**t” but he’s one of the best going around in Australia. I honestly can’t wait for him versus Dowie James at next months MCW show.


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