Jason CadeWatching high flyer Jason Cade do this thing down in West and Central Florida reminds me of top WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler. Not so much for the diverse move sets and fine coifs they both possess (which they do), rather a dual ability to produce excellent matches out of themselves…and their opponent, regardless of body type…100 percent of the time.

Similarly – much like Ziggler – Cade is a guy the crowd can’t help but fall in love with. At the young age of 24, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with as committed a fan base as New York City’s proudest Knicks Fan. ‘Fly Cade, Fly!’ roars through the crowd at every one of his matches, be it Full Impact Pro, I Believe in Wrestling, and now Evolve. Regardless of match position on the card, he’s seemingly always the main event.

Jason Cade – again, echoing Ziggler – is the rare professional wrestler completely comfortable in his skin before/after the match. This no small feat, as the life of an indy pro wrestler is selfless financially, hard on the body, and demanding in its requirement to interact with fans.

To be honest, it’s the third point that first attracted Huracanrana and I to Jason Cade. His humility, passion for what he does, and support for peers is arguably unparalleled. We very shortly thereafter discovered an athlete of equal ilk, one that keeps getting expanding repertoire with each match. He’s literally adding moves by the day.

With experimentation, of course, comes increased risk. At a recent Full Impact Pro PPV, Cade separated his shoulder. Adorned in a sling – and standing on top of the merchandise table supporting his colleagues – his only question, however, was how his new move looked from an audience perspective. (The backward, exterior ring somersault was stunning, by the way.)

Jason Cade is probably best known for his terrific tag team – Flying Solow, with Aaron Solow – 3x American Combat Wrestling belt holders. This is but one of several accolades for Cade, an individual with an incredibly seasoned ring history in under 4 years’ time. Most recently, Cade cracked the prestigious Evolve roster, and – no surprise – a terrific match featuring strong fan support. I would suspect this the first of many high profile matches for Cade both at Evolve and larger national promotions. Ring of Honor immediately comes to mind. (Hint Hint)

Per above, Cade’s wrestling style is tailor made for great things…even more so noting the work he applies in expanding it. He’s a natural luchador, but since expanded to include semi-sophisticated grappling, extreme style wrestling, and likewise more corner striking and external ring work. Cade is also terrific on mic and with non-verbals, a combo that ensures an audience continuously engaged.

Related – and a rare talent – Jason Cade is comfortable breaking the third wall to induce comedic and/or passionate reactions from in-ring partners/opponents, also fans. This skill ensures an always ‘live’ feel to his matches, and storytelling more authentic in nature. Cade’s simultaneously ability to laugh at himself is infectious; it’s clear others love working with him. NJPW would have a great Bullet Club disciple!

In writing this piece, I state with near-certainty it will tell a different in a year’s time. This is a true up-and-comer, and a great talent and person who deserves the opportunities he garners.

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