WRESTLING 101: End the Squash Match

We live in wrestling nirvana. Legendary athletes stand ready and willing to display wares in developmental leagues, seeming mainstays of particular promotions and countries now anything but. Simultaneously, the best and brightest of indy circuits bop around the country for all star matches almost nightly. Thus, one would almost have to try to avoid a […]

LIVE EVENTS: Full Impact Pro- Heatstroke: There are No Friends Here

Full Impact Pro (FIP) took over the Orpheum at Ybor City Friday night leaving shattered alliances, chairs, bottles, and faces in it’s wake. This was one “bloody” good night of wrestling book-ended with an ode to the fallen rebel, Rowdy Piper, and a perfect feud between two young insurrectionists, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley.  FIP […]