As another FIP Show concluded, I was left thinking on below. It’s always good sport to revisit passions from earlier, gauge current utility.

  1. The pre-show really WAS that awesome. And added the ACW champ Blanco Loco to make for a tremendous start via 3-way.
  2. The big hug from Frankie Gastineau upon wearing his shirt was worth the price of admission. The Video-on-Demand, by the way, is terrific.
  3. Samoa Joe did an extended drive by. ‘Nuff said, re: Orpheum.
  4. Even injured and with a show the next, almost of the athletes stuck around until 1230a to say ‘thank you.’ Cauliflower Brown; you’re a mensch.
  5. Echoing above, Jason Cade and Gary Jay are two of the most gracious peeps on the planet. Much love, fellas! Jonny Vandal really cares…a lot…about what does and what you think. There’s a reason he’s my favorite heel on the planet!
  6. Not exactly the largest crowd with Valentine’s Day upon us…but they reigned ‘this is awesome’ chants down at the top of their lungs. Trina Michaels and Mr. Saint Laurent likewise did their darndest to pump everyone up.
  7. Best $25 we’ve spent in a while.
  8. I actually underestimated this card. Warpig and Teddy Stigma put on a helluva’ match and accompanying mic work. Reed Bentley and the always awesome Kerry Awful likewise stood out. The concert…was GREAT!
  9. Lots of good exchanges back and forth before/after the match. More importantly, supporting each other through some injuries.
  10. I take specific pride in West Florida’s FIP, and this was one of those instances.


As I count down the minutes to Full Impact Pro (FIP) Everything Burns 2016 tonight (845p) at the Tampa Orpheum, I stopped to consider the source of the pitter-patter of excitement. Don’t get me wrong: large scale, WWE PPV’s are awesome. But here’s…

10 quick reasons why Full Impact Pro Everything Burns 2016 is the epitome’ of what is great about indy wrestling.

  1. Before the Curtain: There’s a pre-show event by two wrestlers who actually give a damn. No jobbers, throw-ins, or personal favors here. Donovan Danhausen and Dezmond Xavier are legitimate talents, trying to make a name for themselves.
  2. The Crew: I am genuinely excited about seeing the WWN Promotion’s crew. People like Trevin Adams, Brandon Asahina, Frank Gastineau, Josh Gavin and Kid Cadet actually love what they do…and their fans. They go out of their way to remind every live attendee of this, every time.
  3. The House: The venue is terrific, and – once more – the staff loves what they do. From ticket sales to security, everyone at The Orpheum does a bang-up job. Their lead security manager confessed, “he looks forward to wrestling nights.”
  4. The After Party: The merch table is outstanding. Most athletes/talent can’t wait to talk to fans after event end, and/or sell very rare/meaningful to them items you can’t find anywhere else.
  5. The ‘Thank You’: These same athletes, managers and refs – notice a trend here? – really like their fans. Hugs, handshakes are the norm. Regularly attend these events and the athletes/talent know/appreciate it.
  6. The Community: There’s a legitimate family feel to WWN events, thanks to wonderful fans that ensure a safe and thoughtful environment. If someone brings a kid, the comments go PG around little lad/lass. Ditto for how they handle elderly and/or disabled friends.
  7. The Price: $25 for front row? No better show in town. And you get your money’s worth as the talent reminds you of location by leaps, rolls, and using your former seat as a weapon…for 2+ hours.
  8. The Card: Monster Tarver, Gary Jay, and Black Baron are household names in their respective regions. All bring their A games every time they come through Tampa. And Tarver is spitting rhymes live off his new album. Bonus!
  9. The Social Aspect: Indy wrestlers have a blast on Twitter/Instagram, unhampered by restrictions on who/what they can say it to. The FIP roster are fun tweeters and Instagram peeps, and extend the experience well beyond the event.
  10. The Bottom Line: You’re supporting a local community, its talent, and empowering many individuals to follow their dream. Don’t underestimate this.


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