WRESTLING 101: End the Squash Match

We live in wrestling nirvana. Legendary athletes stand ready and willing to display wares in developmental leagues, seeming mainstays of particular promotions and countries now anything but. Simultaneously, the best and brightest of indy circuits bop around the country for all star matches almost nightly. Thus, one would almost have to try to avoid a […]

WRESTLING 101: Ten Fighting Sports Moves Tailor Made for Pro Wrestling

As could be expected, pro wrestling owes of a lot its move set to fighting sports. Thus, it’s no wonder MMA enthusiasts, Greco roman wrestlers, and dirty boxers find a happy home in its sister art form during/after fight careers. Case in point: an earlier piece on Muay Thai highlighted its relationship to the Art […]

WRESTLING 101: Storytelling – Save it for the Ring

When announcer Byron Saxton handed Roman Reigns a blood pill on Monday Night Raw, I wasn’t sure what to think. The crowd and promotion seem genuinely enthused over a would-be beat down, likewise the newfound legitimacy of the 2016 Triple H champion concept in the process. Still, I remain confused. I was relieved this not […]

WRESTLING 101: Don’t Forget Where You Came From

Let’s face it. No promotion is perfect, and there are logically peaks and valleys depending on available talent, schedule, and the unfortunate injury bug. It’s no wonder athletes and talent tend to occasionally lose interest along the way. No one loves what they do 100 percent of the time. It’s moments like this one should […]

WRESTLING 101: Changing Promotions Shouldn’t be a Game-Changing Event

Joey Ryan made welcome history during last night’s outstanding Lucha Underground taping. Not from his enormous amounts of oiled chest hair (impressive in its own right), rather a simple fact that an in-ring debut didn’t require reinventing an athlete for the worst. To explain, there appears an unwritten rule that: established pro wrestler changing promotions […]

WRESTLING 101: The Top 10 Pro Wrestling Wish List for 2016

Ho, ho, ho-t tag, good friends! It’s that time of year…one of friendship, family, and beautifully executed head scissors. Tweener or heel, we believe every great pro wrestling athlete or talent deserves a holiday treat. Thus – and without further ado – Wrestling in Florida’s 2016 Pro Wrestling Wish List. Give veteran wrestlers proper due. […]

WRESTLING 101: The 10 Commandments of Women’s Pro Wrestlling

For the life of me, I can’t begin to fathom the unwritten, but steadfast code on women in professional wrestling. Thankfully promotions like Shine and Shimmer defy this code…out of roster necessity**…but only to an extent. The Ten Commandments of Women in Pro Wrestling: Rule 1: A male manager/wrestler cannot knowingly strike a female manager/wrestler. Rule 2: A female manager/wrestler […]

WRESTLING 101: The Highs and Lows of The Tinkerbell C-L-A-P!

The tinkerbell effect is to wrestling like the flaming ashes are to the mythical phoenix. The audience all agrees to will someone to life through the power of their collective belief most likely demonstrated through clapping, stomping or chanting.  Or as the WWE’s New Day have it ,”clap therapy” saves the day bringing a reborn […]

WRESTLING 101: Clotheslines and More Clotheslines

To this fan, there is perhaps no better move in all of professional wrestling than the sacred clothesline. It’s no wonder this seemingly simple, forearm under the chin maneuver is the move of choice for hot tag guys and gals. JBL certainly knew what he was doing! Blessed with an array of live promotions here […]