WRESTLING 101: The Merchandise Table – Apparel, Awkwardness and Appreciation!

The merchandise (“merch”) table is a staple of every wrestling experience. Whether at a WWE pay-per-view extravaganza or a tiny independent promotion, your night is not complete without a trip to the “merch” area. What you will find certainly depends on the event, but it involves a lot more than just the exchange of funds. […]

WRESTLING 101: Kendo Stick Q&A

Chairs: I get it. Tables: why not?. Brass Knuckles: it’s a pugilist’s right hand (or left, if southpaw), literally. Garbage cans? They’re logically at ringside reach, so that makes sense, as well. Everyone loves a tidy venue. Ladders? The means to one of the best match formats available. Kendo stick/Singapore cane? Wikipedia tells me the […]

WRESTLING 101: A Tribute to Our Striped Friends

Confession time: I’ve always wanted to be a professional wrestling referee…and still do. There’s something uber artistic and equally ironic about an individual tasked with maintaining sportsmanship in a pre-determined match operating under very distinct style and storyline conventions. I literally make it a goal of mine – after every house show – to thank […]

WRESTLING 101: Should Body Type Matter in Professional Wrestling?

With Dusty Rhodes’ recent and tragic passing, many wonderful tributes and match collages emerged across the television and Internet. This lovable, larger-than-life figure was clearly a fundamental cog in the past and present of professional wrestling. He was a brilliant athlete, trainer, mentor, and mic worker. Dusty Rhodes was also – for all intents and […]

WRESTLING 101: From the Outside Looking In – The Indy Wrestling Superstar Dilemma

As I watch independent wrestling rock star Rich Swann dropping jaws at FIP, Evolve and PWG, respectively, I am left with a nagging question. In the past, this question would be ludicrous. Except the rules have changed. To explain, Swann – even at 24 – is already one of world’s elite independent wrestlers, a master […]

WRESTLING 101: We Need More Managers

One of my favorite aspects of the independent wrestling scene is its abundance of managers. Unlike the WWE and like, bigger promotions, indy wrestling relies heavily on these managers (usually former wrestlers and current trainers) to cut impromptu promos, interact with the fans, and – of course – turn the tide in favor of their […]

WRESTLING 101: The Art of 8 Limbs – Muay Thai’s Strange Marriage to Professional Wrestling

As an intermediate-advanced Muay Thai practitioner, I’ve taken my fair share of bumps over the past 6 years (the world over). I’ve trained in Dutch, traditional Thai, dirty and Mexican boxing, likewise picked up a fair share of great tips from  the MMA gurus among us. I’ve literally sparred hundreds of rounds, met a like […]

WRESTLING 101: To be or not to be…A ‘Diva’

The WWE’s women division has not always been called “The Divas” division but it has embraced this moniker since 2008, and in my opinion much to the detriment of the talented female wrestlers this company employs. Language is important and the very usage of the word “diva” says a lot about what this division exposes. […]

WRESTLING 101: Viva, The Athletic Big Man!

As Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Big E Langston, Johnny Mundo, and Michael Elgin rocked the wrestling airwaves this weekend, they brought with them recognition of a renaissance: the arrival of the athletic big man. This body type genre has long been overshadowed by the giant, high flyer, and grappler, respectively, three wrestling types arguably more conducive […]

WRESTLING 101: Jobbing – What’s the Point?

Don’t get me wrong: wins or losses do matter – even in a staged event – when the outcome is a title belt. The same can be said about maintaining mystique of veteran and/or young upstart wrestlers, when a streak coincides with credibility and potential viewership. Still, wins and losses and – most importantly ‘jobbing’ […]