ATHLETE APPRECIATION: The Reinvention of Michael Tarver

A few months back, Huracanrana and I were fortune enough to kick off our ‘What Pro Wrestling Means to Me’ section via a terrific piece by former WWE superstar Michael ‘Monster’ Tarver. In reading this piece, it because clear Tarver’s real life persona, Ty Evans, is a very complicated man. Referencing this earlier piece, we […]

ATHLETE APPRECIATION: The Symbolism of Pentagon Jr.

  With a new season of Lucha Underground almost upon us (!),  I thought I’d try something different than a standard Athlete Appreciation piece. So here is my attempt, perhaps sorry in nature, to understand the deeper meaning behind a truly fascinating wrestling character: Lucha Underground’s Pentagon Jr. So who is Pentagon Jr.? He is […]

ATHLETE APPRECIATION: The Unprecedented Significance of Jay Lethal

There’s no mistaking it. Despite network swapping of WWE, the precarious yet triumphant futures of both NXT and Lucha Underground…the mergers of TNA and Global Force Wrestling…we’re at a surprising renaissance of independent pro wrestling. This is a world where both athletes and fans must accept the non-WWE Universe as the ‘Universe.’ A world of […]

ATHLETE APPRECIATION: Five Indy Wrestlers You May Not Know…But Should

Arguably the greatest thrill of the international, independent wrestling scene is the constant discovery of exceptional talents. House shows offer glimpses at future superstars in development stages, DVDs closer looks at individuals off the radar…but not for long. While Wrestling in Florida’s Athlete Appreciation section captures some of these individuals, here’s a quick snapshot of […]


It’s hard to be a wrestling legend by 27, but Ivelisse Vélez is the rare exception. Thus, there’s a reason Vélez is featured prominently on Wrestling in Florida when describing the terrific independent, women’s pro wrestling scene. Wrestling since the age of 15, Ivelisse Vélez’ incredible journey to 10 titles is matched only by her […]


Arguably the most satisfying aspect of the independent wrestling community lies in discovering how interesting and exceptional its athletes truly are. MaryKate Duignan Glidewell, better known as Valifornia stable member Andréa in Shine Wrestling, is  a  wonderful example of what happens when enormous talent marries perseverance. If Glidewell’s name rings a bell, it’s likely a […]


Maxwell Chicago is a revelation. He is the rare independent wrestler that embraces comedic timing and delivery as part of his ring presence, an almost absentee art in today’s wrestling landscape. I first encountered Henry Maxwell Alvarez at an outstanding FIP show in Ybor City, Florida, captivated by a man in a full on tuxedo […]


Since I first watched wrestling, “back in the day” I always loved the tag team.  The whole concept worked for me, two wrestlers with complementary styles using combination moves, subterfuge and great timing to overcome their opponents.  Hot tags aside, my favorite current tag team are the heel sensations, the Kimber Bombs! I watched the […]


With last night hopefully signaling big changes to the previously static WWE Divas division, I feel like  a genius writing about my favorite independent wrestler: Sarah Bridges aka Crazy Mary Dobson. While women’s wrestling is stacked with talent; let’s appreciate a young wrestler who is truly unique in the complexity of her move set, background […]