LIVE EVENTS: Full Impact Pro – Everything Burns 2016

UPDATED: AFTER-THOUGHTS As another FIP Show concluded, I was left thinking on below. It’s always good sport to revisit passions from earlier, gauge current utility. The pre-show really WAS that awesome. And added the ACW champ Blanco Loco to make for a tremendous start via 3-way. The big hug from Frankie Gastineau upon wearing his […]

LIVE EVENTS: Shine 31 – It’s Good to be a Gangsta’

After missing what we heard what was a spectacular Shine 30, The Intercontinental Belt and I were back for Shine 31 at the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida. A newfound union between Valkyrie and Valifornia paid BIG dividends tonight, sealing their fate as the now-dominant group in Shine. These ladies ripped apart their competition, showing […]

LIVE EVENTS: Announcer Do’s and Do Not’s

Some people take their pro wrestling announcers way too seriously; I’m not one of those individuals. I will, however, express significant eye rolling in uncomfortable product selling, pervert statements, childish antics (for grown men/women) emanating from these individuals. We all know who I’m talking about. With this being said, there are significant gems in the […]

LIVE EVENTS: Team Intercontinental: FIP’s Fallout 15 – Night One (Ybor City)

In the interest of staying true to this unique tag team tournament, both Huracanrana and I will be providing our own ‘Team’ comments on it. We will not be comparing notes or head scissors. The first thing that dawned upon me is how unprecedented this event was. To explain, an ability to gather over four-dozen […]

LIVE EVENTS: Viking War Party – Wrath of the Norsemen (DVD)

Arguably the greatest aspect of the independent wrestling scene is one never truly knows what s/he is going to get. Every live event is a literal exploration into the incredible depths of both character development and athletic prowess, with only creativity serving as strings attached. One moment Gary Jay is dropping jaws against an opponent […]

LIVE EVENTS: Formula for the Perfect Pay-Per-View

This weekend featured a unique trio of three different promotions converging on the same location. WWE, NXT and ROH all surrounded my hometown of Brooklyn, NY for individual PPV events. Having attended several PPV events and TV tapings over the past year, this led me to reason: what makes for the ideal premium/PPV event? Ten […]