SPOTLIGHTS: Stop Building to PPVs: Why Indy Wrestling Gets it Right

Something is broken with the WWE. And I’m not talking about sex scandals, serious injuries from over scheduling talent, and a revolution that arguably never happened. Nor never-ending confusion on when/not to push established talent one last time. What is broken lies in the WWE Network’s obsession to convince shareholders it a useful venture, and […]

LIVE EVENTS: Team Intercontinental: FIP’s Fallout 15 – Night One (Ybor City)

In the interest of staying true to this unique tag team tournament, both Huracanrana and I will be providing our own ‘Team’ comments on it. We will not be comparing notes or head scissors. The first thing that dawned upon me is how unprecedented this event was. To explain, an ability to gather over four-dozen […]

ATHLETE APPRECIATION: Five Indy Wrestlers You May Not Know…But Should

Arguably the greatest thrill of the international, independent wrestling scene is the constant discovery of exceptional talents. House shows offer glimpses at future superstars in development stages, DVDs closer looks at individuals off the radar…but not for long. While Wrestling in Florida’s Athlete Appreciation section captures some of these individuals, here’s a quick snapshot of […]

LIVE EVENTS: Full Impact Pro- Heatstroke: There are No Friends Here

Full Impact Pro (FIP) took over the Orpheum at Ybor City Friday night leaving shattered alliances, chairs, bottles, and faces in it’s wake. This was one “bloody” good night of wrestling book-ended with an ode to the fallen rebel, Rowdy Piper, and a perfect feud between two young insurrectionists, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley.  FIP […]


Maxwell Chicago is a revelation. He is the rare independent wrestler that embraces comedic timing and delivery as part of his ring presence, an almost absentee art in today’s wrestling landscape. I first encountered Henry Maxwell Alvarez at an outstanding FIP show in Ybor City, Florida, captivated by a man in a full on tuxedo […]